Meguiar's #67 One Step Compound
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    Thumbs up Meguiar's #67 One Step Compound

    I have used other meguiars marine products faithfully for several years on my 53' Carver. Results were ok but not what I was looking for.

    This year a switched to #67 instead of #49 and wow what a difference! #67 brought a clarity and shine I have not seen since the boat was new. I used a dewalt orbital buffer and a 50/50 wool/poly pad and switched to an orange foam pad after I had worn out my supply of wool pads. Followed this with meguiars boat polish and pure wax. The shine is stunning and the finish clear. I hope I can maintain it!

    The one problem I had with the foam pads was a rapid build up of the compound that made them jump badly. This could not be cured by dry cleaning with a spur. The snappy clean product did clean them nicely and once dry they were reusable.

    Great stuff that #67 Meguiars!

    When do you think we will see a NXT like product for boats?


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    M67 is a very aggressive compound and very effective for going after serious below surface defects and gross oxidation.

    Meguiar's One Step Compound

    As far a an NXT line of products for Marine application, I have not heard anything and there is already a synthetic wax in the Marine line,

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    what is the snappy clean product you refer to?

    Thanks, A - 1

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    Snappy Clean

    Snappy Clean is a product I found on several detailing sites that cleans wax and compound from wool and foam pads. Its available online at

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