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Thread: Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere - Tips & Tricks

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    Here is a quick pic of my results with UWWA on the body and rims. I used some Ultimate Protectant on the tires Thanks megs for the great products.

    Funny story. The guy who manages the car wash I borrowed the shade from loved and hated how it turned out. He I noticed pulled straight to the shaded area, ignoring the wash station all together. He loved how great the car came out but asked that I don't let any of his other customers know my "secret product". He was fine with me since I fed the vacuum some quarters.

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    Re: Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere - Tips & Tricks

    ^^ That looks really good. I love the way UP makes your tires look.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blueline View Post
    I own a silver vehicle and a black vehicle owns me. The black one demands attention, washing, detailing, waxing and an occasional dinner out at a nice restaurant. The silver one demands nothing and it looks just fine. I think the black vehicle is taking advantage of me, and the silver car is more my style. We can go out for a drive without her makeup and she looks fine. If I want to take the black one out, it is three or four hours in the "bathroom" to get ready.

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