Honda owner needing advice
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Thread: Honda owner needing advice

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    Honda owner needing advice

    Hi, I came across this site in search of how to remove spots of an unknown origin located on the back & front chrome from my 2011 Honda CR-V. The Honda dealer will not cover replacement of parts under warranty. They say someone sprayed something on the chrome & parts are not defective. I purchased the vehicle in December 2011 & it has less than 16,000 miles. So, of course I am upset about their decision as they said the area with the spots will peel then rust. I have no idea who would spray anything on the chrome. The vehicle has only been hand washed & serviced by either an Acura or Honda dealership. There are large spots even under the back chrome strip.

    Anyway... that's my vehicle issue. On to searching this site for possible solutions to remove the spots without having to pay to have the parts replaced.

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    Re: Honda owner needing advice

    Uploading a picture would be helpful.
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    Re: Honda owner needing advice

    Can you better describe these spots? Are they stains, scratches, or something different? You also mentioned that "There are large spots even under the back chrome strip." - are these spots in the paint or maybe a plastic trim piece? Like GoZoner said, a picture would be very helpful here.
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