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Thread: wheel washing question

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    wheel washing question

    hi all

    just hav a question about washing wheels, although i am aware of specialist wheel cleaners as hot rims for instance, but i prefer using UWW for cleaning wheels, as it provides protection and good cleaning properties
    whereas hot rims does not provide protection right?, i have come up with a simple method to was wheels which is to dilute UWW with water into a standard 473ml spray bottle, then use to apply easily to wheels, is this a feasable method

    if so what dilution ratio should i use?
    how long should i let the solutiion sit on wheels before aggitating?


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    Re: wheel washing question

    I don't know if UWW would really leave any protection behind on the wheels. The wax protection is really more designed to boost the existing protection of wax that is already on the car. UWW is also not a super strong cleaner, so there are probably better alternatives (like Hot Rims) to actually do the cleaning process.

    Personally, since my wheels are never very dirty, I just use some APC+ and a brush dipped in the bucket of soap (whatever I have handy). This isn't to say you can't use UWW on your wheels, but it might be kind of a waste. If you want your wheels protected, you could use something like Cleaner Wax or Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier on them after you clean them.

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    Re: wheel washing question

    I would just mix to the standard car wash ratio.

    You can also put on some the of the Brake Dust Barrier to make the cleaning easier also.
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