Cutting Pad vs Polishing Pad & DA
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Thread: Cutting Pad vs Polishing Pad & DA

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    Cutting Pad vs Polishing Pad & DA

    When using the DA will I get a little more "cutting" action using DACP #83 on a red Cutting pad versus the yellow Polishing Pad??

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    Check this post out...

    Meguiars suggests not using it with a PC but check the post out.

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    I've used the maroon cutting pad and DACP several times for deeper scratches and swirls. I followed up with DACP and a polishing pad. This was on my black Hemi. No problems.


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    I to have used the cutting pad with the da. Tried it a while back on my sisters car. I had good results but as eveyone has said, using it is taking a step backwards. After I went over her entire car, the paint did not look good. However following with 83 on a 8006 pad brought the finish back and the deeper scratches I was going after were gone. It can work well you just need to be cautious.

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