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  • Porter Cable 7424XP

    3 21.43%
  • Meguiar's G110v2

    8 57.14%
  • Griot's Garage 6inch random orbital

    2 14.29%
  • Flex XC 3401 VRG DA

    1 7.14%
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Thread: Buffer Recommendations

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    Buffer Recommendations

    I was thinking about getting a better buffer than the Ryobi battery operated buffer I have now, so would like input from anyone who's used the good buffers out there. I'm mainly looking at the Porter Cable 7424XP, Meguiar's G1v2, FLEX XC3401, or the Griots Garage 6inch Random Orbital.

    Of the above (or others if I'm missing a good one), what's the easiest to use, best results for applying paint cleaners or wax/sealants? Any general advice, pros and cons? And lastly, which is the best when it comes to availability and affordability of replacement pads?


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    You can't go wrong with the GG6. I have one and have no complaints. Works great and I use all meguiars pads and plates with it so no issue there.

    You can't go wrong with the Meguairs one or even the Porter Cable seems to have some likes as well.

    I'm sure the flex is great too but I believe that costs quite a bit more doesn't it?

    Get either the GG6 or the Meguiars one and you'll be golden. Both will get you amazing results. You are more of the "result factor" than the machine itself....
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    Re: Buffer Recommendations

    I have the Meg's G110v2 and I love it. Not sure about the cost of the other brands but I got mine off amazon for $150. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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    I have a meguiars g110, and while I won't speak poorly on behalf of any of the other equipment, meguiars customer service has always been top notch. With all the issues and events I've had with new products these days, that is more important to me than pure dollar value. It is likely they are all quality machines, I know quite a few GG and PC units in use and they are all doing fine. I don't think you'll find too much separates them from an operational standpoint, at least from what I've seen!
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    Re: Buffer Recommendations

    I have both brand new GG6 & G110v2 and both are pretty good units. I know the GG6 is a lil more powerful but I haven't really noticed any noticeable difference on their abilities.
    I hope to do a side by side comparo on my MPV hood soon.
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    Re: Buffer Recommendations

    I have a GG6 and a G110v2 as well and I've had a couple Porter Cable's in the past too. I find the GG6 and G110v2 both very similar and like others have said, you can pretty much do the same with either tool. I wasn't a huge fan of the Porter Cable's, (I gave them away to my dad and brother), but they're still decent units. The GG6 does have the added benefit of the lifetime warranty, so if anything EVER goes wrong with it, they'll just give you a new one or fix it hassle free. Any of them though are going to be light years ahead of the battery operated Ryobi you currently have. Have fun with the new toy!!

    You are more of the "result factor" than the machine itself....
    Couldn't agree with this more.
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    Re: Buffer Recommendations

    griots megs porters are all the same but flex has the forced rotation meaning more advanced and need more exp

    me i use porter cable and its very very easy to use sometimes i just use it with one hand and still have good results

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    Re: Buffer Recommendations

    There are some nice combo deals around on the internet with Meguiars 110v2 like on ADS and other places where u can get a pad free or even if you want to do a few pads so you have some. Of course the price will be increased but still not a bad idea.

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