I have been a polish and wax by hand guy for quite a while but decided to upgrade with a new DA polisher, which I used for the first time yesterday with good results. I have a few questions that, hopefully, someone can help me with.

I used Ultimate Polish as step one on a white car (Chevy TB) with the yellow polishing pad and for step two the tan finishing pad with another brand synthetic sealant.
  • Is the tan finishing pad the one to use (there is also a black finishing pad)?
  • What is the best Meguiars synthetic wax/sealant to use (the range of products is a somewhat confusing)?

I am getting ready to detail a second car (black Mercedes) and plan to clay it before polishing/waxing. I will use the Ultimate Polish then go back over problem areas with Ultimate Compound.
  • Is this the right approach?
  • What is the rec for the best wax/sealant--the same as for the white Chevy or is there a better product for black Mercedes paint?

The pads I used yesterday got fairly dirty. I washed the gunk off but they are still black. Is this okay? What is the best way to clean pads and how long should they last?

Thanks in advance for any help.