"FRESH PAINT" -->Ultimate Compound-->Ultimate Polish (AWESOME)
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Thread: "FRESH PAINT" -->Ultimate Compound-->Ultimate Polish (AWESOME)

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    "FRESH PAINT" -->Ultimate Compound-->Ultimate Polish (AWESOME)

    Just had my rear bumper and liftgate replaced and painted. The paint is 4 days old and had a chance to wash it and take a good look at it today. I noticed halograms and swirl marks and the finish just look look a little hazy and dull, not bad, but I knew it could look better.

    I know it sounds a little gutsy, but I decided to use Utimate Compound and Ultimate Polish...no waxing! I did 3 passes, with both products and applied with a DA. I applied the UC with a microfiber pad and finished with UP and foam pad, applying both with patience and a light touch. I noticed immeadately that the paint began to come alive! My best advice when using both of these products is to keep working them until they disappear into the surface before wiping them off and doing another pass, I think the results were great!

    I also had some over spray on my chrome painted wheel covers, so I used UC and to remove it with awesome results. It is amazing how agressive, yet gentle UC is when used correctly. My rims haven't been this shiny since I have owned the car. It even removed some light surface marks.

    Enjoy the pics....

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    Re: "FRESH PAINT" -->Ultimate Compound-->Ultimate Polish (AWESOME)

    Looks good!
    If more body shops could take the time to finish their rotary work with a DA, there wouldn't be any need to do your own finishing. Unfortunately, the insurance industry keeps tight reins on repair costs, so doing it "right" (by our standards) just isn't in the budget.


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    Re: "FRESH PAINT" -->Ultimate Compound-->Ultimate Polish (AWESOME)

    Everything looks great in your pix - the wheels are just gleaming!! Nice to see you taking it easy and taking your time with this; the result speak for themselves!
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