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Thread: Looking for some feedback....

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    Cool Looking for some feedback....

    Hey all... Hope you had a great Holiday. Hoping to get some of you to look at my Auto Detailing Blog and give your thoughts on some of my latest posts. Maybe you can leave a comment on the blog itself?


    Happy Detailing!!!

    Here is the blog >>> http://autodetailingblog.thesocalway.com/
    San Diego Car Detailing

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    Re: Looking for some feedback....

    Just a quick run through I said to myself how many cars are worth $10,000? I know the point you were trying to make. And $45 for waxing a car? Seems low to me but again I see your angle. The entire article takes a strong stance somewhat combative IMO. Why not write from a more objective perspective and let the reader determine based on facts if the service is worth it?

    My $.02

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