Is this a Fake plastx??
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Thread: Is this a Fake plastx??

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    Is this a Fake plastx??

    Hi everybody Ive put this in the off topic as im not sure where to put it :/, anyway merry Christmas!

    So i brought a bottle of plastx from eBay to sort my headlights out using some wet and dry and a drill buffer but on delivery the bottle had some very badly copied stickers on the front and back of the bottle for plast-rx but good stickers underneath for plastx, on further investigation the bottle looks cheaply made also the lid has no grooves going upwards and does not taper out at the top, a completely different top altogether, and it has "great for headlights " on the front it also seems after googleing it its only the bottles with "great for headlights" that have this type of top,is this a fake or did they make some this way for what ever reason? regards.


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    Re: Is this a Fake plastx??

    it looks like the real plast-x to me.

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