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    Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital

    Been looking to see if any one started a thread on this product yet but havent found one, if I missed it send it my way


    Has any one tried Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital yet, Im thinking about buying one from reading others reviews on other sites and Facebook
    It sound to good to be true but a little pricey.
    I was wanting to here from my friend's here at Meguiar's, what the forum thought about it and what maybe Mike thought about it
    Can I use my Meguiar's pad ect


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    Re: Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital

    The Rupes Bigfoot is no doubt a solidly built tool, and given the high price tag, it should be. But it's also incredibly smooth in operation, even the big 21mm throw version, and it can speed through defects like crazy when running our 6" microfiber pads and M105/M101/M100. The 21mm version has the downside of having so large a footprint that getting into tighter areas is difficult at times, but it's really hard to find any sort of negative comments about the overall performance of the tool.

    Compared to even the Flex 3401 the cutting ability is remarkable, and it doesn't spin in the opposite direction like the 3401 does. That seems to be the biggest, or most common, complaint about that tool especially in the hands of experienced rotary users. The Rupes, on the other hand, spins as you would expect it to, but even for such a long throw it's every bit as smooth, if not more so, than the 3401. Both are excellent tools, no doubt, and Rupes does make a 15mm throw version as well. Whether the price of entry for either of the Rupes tools, or the Flex 3401, makes sense for any one individual is entirely up to them, of course. But these long throw DA tools just might be the real future of detailing tools.

    I should mention that the comments above are mine and mine alone, and not of Meguiar's, Inc. I don't want anyone thinking that Meguiar's is recommending any one tool over another, so please don't go telling other forums that Meguiar's says this or that about any tool. This is strictly the opinion of one detailing fanatic, nothing more. I just want to be really clear on that!
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    Re: Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital

    A great, informative and honest response Mike
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