'74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish
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Thread: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

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    '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Hey guys,

    It seems like it's been forever since I've posted over here... Almost need to re-introduce myself...

    Here is another one of my recent projects. It's not every day that you see a Duster, let alone with a 400 under the hood.

    The paint is hard to describe. First, the black stripes are all painted on. Second, there is a ton of paint on the car. Many areas measured well over 19mils, but the clearcoat was thick in some spots and thin in others. There were runs galore and some spots had been poorly sprayed. The owner wanted the hood and trunk leveled, along with both rear quarters and the runs needed to be removed.

    A little orange peel:

    Zero gloss:

    A few runs:

    The hood and trunk took a ton of sanding to level. I went over the hood a total of five times with Unigrit 1500 Sanding Disks in order to properly level the paint.

    After the first pass:

    In order to refine the finish, I went over the hood using Unigrit 3000 Finishing Disks. Then, I used a Meguiar's double sided wool pad and M101 to remove the sanding marks.

    Not too bad:

    The rear quarters received a quick leveling using Mirka Abranet Soft 1000, Unigrit 3000 Finishing and 3M Trizact 5000. I found the Abranet disks leveled extremely quick and really saved time. The rest of the body was polished using the Rupes 21 and HD Polish on a Meguiar's Microfiber Finishing disk.

    The afters...

    As Kevin Brown put it, the hood now looks like a sinkhole...

    Rear quarters finished out nicely:

    Runs are completely leveled:

    Trunk looks much improved:

    All finished:

    Overall, it wasn't a bad project to work on. Although I wish the painter used consistent techniques when spraying, I was able to correct the paint to a near showcar level. Maybe sometime I can have the car for a week and sand the whole body, but we'll see.
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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Nice job, Looks great! Nice corrections !

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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Excellent work on a true classic!

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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Wow, great work and good to see you back!
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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Nice freaken job!!! and welcome to MOL!!! lol

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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Great work, Chris, and thanks for posting it up here on MOL. And don't be a stranger, huh???
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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    wow I can't believe I missed this one, great job I even like the color.
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    Re: '74 Duster - Partial Sand and Polish

    Wow that's gorgeous!!
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