09 civic engine detailing
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Thread: 09 civic engine detailing

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    09 civic engine detailing

    Was wondering what sort of areas I should watch out for if I were to clean this engine? I'll cover the alternator by the bottom left corner with saran wrap. What about the battery? Or that thing on the far left hand side of the engine bay right underneath the bottle with the blue cap?

    I'm thinking about using steam cleaner. But if I were to use Meguiars Detailer line, I'm assuming APC or Super Degreaser?
    I'm gonna finish it off with natural shine, as I have plenty of that dressing on hand.

    What do you guys recommend?

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    Here is what I do when cleaning the engine. Warm the engine up so the grime will loosen up,Cover your alternator,battery,coilpack and fusebox. Spray it down with a degreaser, agitate if needed with a brush then rinse. Whether you use a pressure washer or a hose is your choice I've personally used a pressure washer on every engine I've detailed (except audi and vw) with no issues just make sure your not hitting it so close that your forcing water into any sealed area it should be used to rinse let the degreaser do the work. As far as dressing is concerned keep in mind dust is going to collect much faster on a dressed.motor which means more frequent cleaning for you. I hope this helps just cover all the important electronics and you will have no trouble.
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    Re: 09 civic engine detailing

    I usually just spray down the engine with some sort of degreaser. if is is an older car with leaking valve cover gaskets I will use a brush I keep soaking in simple green so the oil does not build up on the bristles of the brush.

    I use a garden hose and use a brush to to remove most of the dirt and grime then I rinse everything down and wipe dry and use compressed air to blow out the nooks and crannies.

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    Re: 09 civic engine detailing

    I never spray water into my engine area. I spray some engine cleaner onto a MF towel and then wipe the dirt off slowly. Its gonna take some time with a compartment that looks like that

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    Re: 09 civic engine detailing

    You might want to try Meguiars Engine Cleaner

    Tough on grime AND safe for your engine! Non-caustic formula penetrates and cleans even the hardest to reach areas, quickly removing dirt, grease & grime, yet will not damage rubber and plastic components. Biodegradable formula is quick and easy to use. Works great for wheel-well cleaning, too! (Ad copy)

    And only $7!!! Woot!

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    Re: 09 civic engine detailing

    cover the alternator with a baggie and have at it! lol

    1) Spray down entire engine (including under the hood) with degreaser
    2) Agitate engine and under-hood-area with a variety of brushes from a bucket with Dawn solution (different sized brushes for different parts of engine)
    3) Spray down engine with hose and lose pressure making sure not to focus on wires or alternator (even though it's covered with a bag)
    4) Dry with some old microfibers
    5) Spray entire engine with favorite dressing. BE LIBERAL! But you can vote for whoever you want :P
    6) Close the hood and let the dressing soak into everything for about an hour or so (enough time to vacuum and/or wax the car)
    7) Wipe down engine with old microfibers and admire your work!
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