Meg's DA attachment RPM????Help!
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Thread: Meg's DA attachment RPM????Help!

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    Meg's DA attachment RPM????Help!

    First off, I would like to say, anyone on the fence in regards to whether or not they should purchase the Meguiar's DA drill attachment system.... Should hop off the fence and go pick one up, it is well worth it...

    The money is really spent in the portability of the product. This tool complements any DIY or professionals detailing rig by rendering it mobile. This product is also very robust and and durable. In fact, I may haveI offended it the other day when I took out my Bosch 1250 DEVS and polished my Mazda 6s (3.0 V6). The following day I needed to use it and it wasn't the least bit apprehensive or jealous or upset about this. A tool with a good attitude is a good start?.
    Okay, enough bull-plop, the real reason I'm writing this thread is because for the life of me, I have yet to find any confirmed recommendations on how many RPM are appropriate/necessary for the many operations one needs to fulfill in order to buff, polish, compound, wax, clean, abrade etc.. There are many variations between the Manufacturers range of 1200-2500RPM...,
    As of now I've use my 18 volt Bosch Brute HDH-181(the most powerful 18V drill on the market). It really is too! In low speed it ranges from 0-420 RPM. In high 0-1800 Rpm.
    I find myself enjoying the sweetness of a good variable speed trigger and how sensitivity plays a major role in the compounding process. Drill fast, but lateral movement slow and steady... Right? And polishing is "moderate" whatever that means! One mans moderate, is another etc... You get the pernt... So... I'm hoping others with my dilemma can benefit from any expert advice (cough!) stoops! Can provide....

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    Re: Meg's DA attachment RPM????Help!

    Since every drill is different, and none come with designated speed settings, to tell where you are at.... it is pretty much impossible to say "use this speed setting" for various steps, since no one will be able to.
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    Re: Meg's DA attachment RPM????Help!

    First off, welcome to MOL!

    Second, thanks for the nice review of the DA Power System!

    Third, as Mat said, it's kind of hard for us to specify any RPM settings for each step because it's extremely rare (if ever) that any drill has actual RPM settings in the way that a rotary buffer does. Similarly, we can't really tell anyone to use x pounds of downforce with this or any other tool because that's very hard to judge (unless you're buffing your bathroom scale!), nor can we give specific arm speeds as it's tough to judge how far you've moved over a given period of time and do it consistently (especially for new users). But those variables aren't even the tricky bits. The paint is where it gets really nutty for first time users as paint systems are all over the map. When doing our Saturday Classes, or buffer demos at Barrett-Jackson auctions, we always tell people that we can give them a starting point (liquid, pad, tool, speed setting if using a DA, etc) but the paint will actually determine if you need light or heavy pressure, Ultimate Compound or M105, a polishing pad or cutting pad, 2 passes or 5, and so on.

    So, the honest answer to your specific question "how many RPM are appropriate/necessary for the many operations one needs to fulfill in order to buff, polish, compound, wax, clean, abrade etc." is "it depends". This is what a test spot is for, regardless what tool you're using, what liquid, what pad, etc. Obviously if you're just working on your own vehicle once you figure that out it's going to remain fairly constant for the life of the vehicle (assuming you don't let the finish deteriorate badly over time, of course). But if you're working on many different vehicles, you'll be presented with so many different paint systems that a test spot becomes mandatory every time you touch a given car for the first time.

    Imagine, then, when we develop a tool like this for sale to the consumer how many different paint systems this tool will ultimately be used on. It's staggering. And if we got as specific to recommend exact speeds, levels of pressure, number of passes, etc the tool would appear to fail on a large number of vehicles. Remember, most people buying this tool are consumers either terrified of using a full sized buffer, or those not willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on one. That you are actually using a drill that cost more than most buffers is very rare indeed.

    At the end of the day it's the operator who makes the ultimate decision regarding pressure, speed, and any other of the many variables presented when polishing paint. Our recommendation is for corded
    3/8 - 1/2" drills with 1,500 - 2,500 rpms range, and we provide a Quik Tips video on how to use the tool. Our Customer Care Center and MOL are always available to help with technique issues, but sometimes a bit of experimentation is called for to maximize results.
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