Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch
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Thread: Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch

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    Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch

    As the head of Customer Care for an American manufacturer I look forward to dealing with my counterparts in other industries. This can be a valuable learning experience and fodder for my next staff training meeting. I never inform anyone I deal with that I'm in Customer Care I just appear as another customer because, well because I am just another customer.

    I had an issue with a product that failed so I e-mailed Brian Hann, Manager-Customer Care Center, Meguiar's Inc.. I informed him of my issue, provided him with bar code number, links to pics of the defective product and contact information for Brian to respond to. I then went to lunch with my 5 year old twin daughters. When I got back I had a response from Brian acknowledging the issue and informing me a replacement was on it's way. No third degree, no questions asked, just the response I had hoped for. While I hope I don't have to contact Meguiar's Customer Care again (first time in 30+ years) I now know that I will be treated the way I personally treat the customers that rely on me.

    Thank you again Brian for a pleasant Customer Care experience.
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    Re: Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch

    Good to hear.

    Plenty of other stories like yours only prove what a good company Meguiars is to deal with
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    Re: Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch

    Thank you for those kind words, Paul, but we know that Brian would say he's just doing his job. We pride ourselves on our Customer Care Center and all the guys in that department are top notch, well trained, and speak from experience rather than a fixed script. They'll talk to you about any issue, whether the call takes 30 seconds or 30 minutes. They aren't under any pressure to take "x" number of calls per hour, to keep a call to "x" number of minutes, etc. Yes, we do track that info but it's more just for our own edification rather than as a measure of "how good" a rep is.

    Bottom line to all of this - you, as a customer, contacted us with an issue of some sort and we took care of you quickly, in a friendly manner, and to your satisfaction in a way that was fair and equitable to both parties. Isn't that what customer service should be all about?
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    Re: Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch

    I had a problem once with a bottle and was sent a new bottle of product right after I called them with no hassle. Great service.
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    Re: Meguiar's Customer Service is top notch

    +1 for customer service. Had an issue and new product arrived in a week with no hassle at all.

    All I have to say is WOW

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