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Thread: 36 Lincoln Zephyr extreme color sand

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    Re: 36 Lincoln Zephyr extreme color sand

    Really a masterpiece you just created

    Alot of hard long work indeed my friend!!!!
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    Re: 36 Lincoln Zephyr extreme color sand

    Yea this was a cool job. Derek had shown and explained to me a lot about the work he did to this baby. The color REALLY came out and popped after some clarity was given with the time spent on wet sanding and buffing in the hands of an experienced [to put it lightly ] guy who loves hot rod style paint!

    Correct me if i'm wrong but it looks like the painter laid down a solid color coat since i dont see too many imperfections in the base in the after pics. So it would appear that the painter got sloppy or impatient on the clear. I dunno, Derek please chime in since its hard to tell from pics...

    But i have a couple other questions:

    1] How many layers of clear were you working with?

    2] Did you use the DA sander for the initial knock down of the clear or for the finish steps? I definitely saw hand patterns in the pics.. so just curious what order you used DA and Hand for the majority of accessible areas.

    3] Since all of the panels have either a pronounced or slight curvature to them; what block(s) did you primarily use? Im assuming you possibly used a semi hard foam for the majority of the "flatter" panels?
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    Hey Chris sorry for the delay ed answers, I'm not exactly sure how much clear was on the car as I do not use a paint meter but the painter said 6 coats.
    We used wooden blocks for our first steps 800 grit - 1500 then moved to disc's for finishing.
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