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Thread: D114 clay lube

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    Re: D114 clay lube

    Quote Originally Posted by DogParkGuy View Post
    Why purchase a lubricant? I just use the soapy wash water as a lubricant. After I wash my car, I then clay the surface using soapy water as a lubricant. Then just rinse as normal.
    Do you use a grit guard with your wash & what soap do you use?

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    Re: D114 clay lube

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Stoops View Post
    Stick with D155 diluted 1:1. We haven't seriously tested D114 as a clay lube so we aren't currently making a dilution recommendation. There's really no reason why it shouldn't be fine, we just haven't seriously addressed it as a clay lube since our D155 is so popular for this.
    Does the D155 leave anything behind? Any wax or something you might not want while claying?

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