This vehicle sits outside 24/7/365 and it hasn't been detailed/washed in 7 years. The only way it gets washed is when it rains. There was some serious oxidation on this 4Runner. When you looked at it it was like looking at a vehicle with a could in-between you and the vehicle. The paint felt like sandpaper. The owner had a large dog that went to work with him every day for the past 10 years so you can imagine what the inside smelt like. I almost puked while I was cleaning it.


Foam Washed with Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II and a MTM Foam Lance on a 2700PSI Pressure washer
Nanoskin Autoscrub paint and glass
205 on a MF Cutting pad 7424xp
NXT 2.0 Wax by hand
D170 Hyper Dressing on tires and all plastics
D120 on the glass
D108 on wheels/Tires


LOTS of APC+ and multiple tiny brushes
Pet Rock
Little Green Clean Machine on carpets
D120 on glass





50/50 shot