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Thread: Xtra Cut Microfiber Discs

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    Re: Xtra Cut Microfiber Discs

    As a huge fan of the DA MF system, this has just shot to the top of my "Want" list.

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    Re: Xtra Cut Microfiber Discs

    Quote Originally Posted by OhioCarBuff View Post
    I notice these pads say "best for flat areas", if were buffing a car with a lot of curves etc, is it best to just use the regular cutting discs then?
    See post #15 from Mr Stoops. Just need to exercise caution

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    Re: Xtra Cut Microfiber Discs

    I was curious about the cutting and finishing discs (DMC6 and DMF6) that come in the Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System: what foam discs do these relate to? For instance, would the cutting disc, DMC6, be considered the same as an orange (or yellow) Lake Country disc ? And would the DMF6 be equivalent to the Lake Country grey (or maybe white)?

    Just wondering how microfiber pads relate and which foam pads are their counterparts (if at all). Since I have both now, want to know how to use the tools in my toolbox!

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    Re: Xtra Cut Microfiber Discs

    There are no equivalent foam pads to MF pads. MF has far more cut, so cannot compare the two.

    *edit* maybe a MF finishing pad may have a similar level of cut to one of the more aggressive foam pads, but I've never heard the two being compared, nor am I sure why you'd want to.
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