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    Water Spot Remover

    All of us who are fanatics cringe when we see the end result of a 'drip' or 'run' down the sides of our vehicle. Those of us with very hard water really cringe...

    While QD sprays can and, sometimes, do work at removal of light water spotting (albeit that they're not really designed for this functionality), I find the spots generated by my water to be exceedingly difficult to remove.

    While I always succeed in removing them, I find myself using a bag of tricks that typically involves removing the wax that is resident on the surface (polish, clay, maybe even dilute vinegar). Naturally, this creates more problems at the end of my trick as I have to reapply a LSP to the affected areas.

    How about a product that can remove safely water spotting and is, generally, wax-safe? This product, as I envision it, could be used for simple touch-ups and not really for a full QD and would simply bring the calcium deposit on the paint back into solution rather than allowing it to continually calcify/harden and, ultimately and potentially, etch.

    Filters are great fine but only provide minimal lifespans and are pretty expensive. Plus, most people don't wash with filtered water; only rinse. The unfiltered tap always finds a couple of body lines or seals to hang on to and then run out once everything is looking good. Air 'blasting' is fine but, again, still seems to miss some spots and the spotting or running still happens.

    Just a suggestion...


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    Thank you for your insight and your suggestion!

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    I like the suggestion! Owning a black truck means you need a few tricks to keep it clean/minimize different problems you might not see on a light colored vehicle.

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