Detailer Line: FE-Delete, D-200
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    Detailer Line: FE-Delete, D-200

    D-200 Detailer FE-Delete, 1 Gallon
    Product Number 20001

    The professional's choice for fast and effective removal of embedded ferrous contaminants commonly found on wheels and painted surfaces. Safe for use on all wheel types and all automotive paint systems.

    -Easy and effective removal of stubborn brake dust on wheels
    -Excellent for final decontamination step of clear coat prior to polishing or waxing
    -Spray on, allow product to dwell until color change is apparent, lightly agitate treated area, thoroughly rinse
    -Secondary bottle available: D20200PK12

    MSRP- $69.99

    I believe Meguiar's has the technology of such a product and is offering something similar in the new "DUB" line. I think such a product offered by Megs. that would perform similar to Car Pro's Iron-X at a lower price point per gallon and react faster would be a knockout for both Megs. and every detailer out there.

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    I sure would like the same however the price would have to be a bit lower for a gallon. $59.99 might work as long as it's as good as Iron-X. It would just beat out the price I can get on the 4L Iron-X.

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    Re: Detailer Line: FE-Delete, D-200

    Dear Meguiars. I'd really like to see you produce a more advanced and safer iron remover than what is currently available
    The well known brand ones swell the paint and if left to dry on certain wheels are not good for them
    Have heard this from many detailers I know throughout the world and myself.

    According to my mentor (45 year veteran of chemical and detailing), the ingredients in these products have some serious health risks with enough exposure to it.
    I've collected the following ingredients from msds sheets and my mentor said that the potassium mercaptoacetate is an older type.

    could be wrong but anyhow Im not using an iron x type product due to this, no need so far but need it eventually on the worst cars or for certain service I do called behind the wheel.

    Ammonium Sulfanylacetate, Alkyl Ethoxy sulphate
    Alcohol Ethoxylate
    Alkyl ethoxy sulphate
    Potassium mercaptoacetate

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