If this is happening very quickly with M105 on older, neglected paint then it's likely down to simple compatibility issues (or incompatibility, as the case may be). M105 is a much drier compound than a cleaner polish like M80 and as such, on badly dried out paint, any lubricant it has can quickly be soaked up by the paint itself, leaving a gummy mess. Personally, I've only experienced this first hand a couple of times, both of which were on what could only be described as "dried out, neglected paint". In once case M80 proved to be a dream on the car, in the other Ultimate Compound did the trick.

What it really comes down to is that there is no one single product that works "best" in all situations. Some paint systems are just a pain no matter what you use on them. We've seen a lot of reports of new Subaru (2013/2014 models) having paint that won't let go of anything. You work the product and everything seems fine until you try to wipe it off, and then it sticks. And it sticks big time. And it's across the board product wise - name a brand and we've probably heard of it having this issue with these cars. Our COO here at Meguiar's has a 2009 Jet Black BMW M3 coupe and it does the same thing. M205 sticks like glue to it, and normally M205 is just a joy to work with. Not on that car. But it's not just M205, it's almost everything. Crazy thing is, we've worked on plenty of black BMWs and never had this issue with any of them, so something weird is going on with this one car. Strange things happen in this game!!

So, what's your solution? Even though you're working with a rotary, give Ultimate Compound a try. We don't normally recommend it with a rotary, but we know plenty of people who have used it that way and, after all, it is derived from M105 but in a wetter formulation. If that doesn't work, we would recommend our DA Microfiber System on a DA buffer.