Meguiar's NXT Insane Tire Shine Spray

Price & Price Per Ounce:


Manufacturer Claims:

NXT Generation Insane™ Tire Shine Spray is the ULTIMATE in high gloss for tires – a deep, dark, “insane� wet look that is fast and easy…just spray and walk away. Engineered Synthetic Polymers combined with specially designed antiozonants create a mirror-like shine that lasts for weeks and prevent browning and premature aging.


Comes in a well labeled aerosol can with a nice accurate sprayer.


A fresh, yet solventy smell in a clear liquid.

How I used (as per instructions):

After the tires were thoroughly cleaned, I sprayed a light coat over the tires avoiding the rims. The spray went on evenly and coated very well with little product used.

Overall Thoughts:

The shine was pretty intense as described. The durability lasted through 1-2 rainstorms only slightly muting the insane shine look, but the product attracted a lot of grime which ended up building up on the tires. Also, the overspray that landed on the paint stuck pretty hard and took some NXT Speed Detailer to take it off.

Other Notes:

I will only now use for clients who request high shine. I like the shine on low profile tires, but the contaminant attraction and overspray problems really turned me away.



NXT Paste Wax on paint