question on Velcro backing.
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Thread: question on Velcro backing.

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    question on Velcro backing.

    Question on a Velcro backing. Bought a variable speed rotary buffer as a starter. It came with a 7" vel cro backing. I purchased 2 microfiber bonnets (hook and loop? There the ones that slide on top). Question is can those be used on the Velcro or should I get another backing? It just seems the Microfiber bonnet is to thin to have Velcro behind it. I also bought a 5/8 arbor 8 inch foam pad for the buffer paid a little more for it. Are the foam pads able to stick to Velcro or are they hook and loop. The one I bought had the 5/8 arbor in it already but it was pricy.

    Also any tips for a first time buffing would be great. Have rubbing compound polishing compound spray wax and bottle wax. Thanks!

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    Re: question on Velcro backing.

    This article explains everything about backing plates:

    I personally always match backing plate/buffing pad combos and stay with the same manufacturer.

    Not all microfiber pads work well on rotary buffers. The machine is simply very powerful.
    If you don't have a previous experience with a rotary buffer, I would recommend that you practice this type of polishing first and get yourself familiar with this machine. Misuse can cause serious damage to your car paint.
    Dual action (D/A) polishers are safe and very user friendly. You can master your technique with this type of polisher very quickly and still be able to successfully remove most paint defects.

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