plastX Saved the Day
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Thread: plastX Saved the Day

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    plastX Saved the Day

    It was a nice cloudy day here and I took the opportunity to wash my motorcycle.

    After going through the whole washing and drying regime, I noticed that the rear tail lights were marred and the LEDs were not too clear.

    I had PlastX in my arsenal and took it out as my weapon of choice. With the product and applicator pad, I rubbed the product slowly, one half at a time to see if there were difference. After a mere 2 mins, the difference were clear and I went on to do the same on the other half.

    Problem solved and the light looks like it is new again.

    Phew! Glad PlastX took care of the 'blemish'.

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    Re: plastX Saved the Day

    I've never seen this product. This is exactly what I need for all the plastic on my vehicle. Do you know if this product will repair scratches too? I have a large scratch in my taillight and nothing seems to fix it.

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    Cool Re: plastX Saved the Day

    It depends on how deep the scratches are and how workable the plastic is.

    The old rule of thumb for paint is that if you can catch the scratch with a fingernail, it's too deep to remove.

    Plastic pieces are generally much, much thicker than paint so you can typically remove much deeper scratches. But if you can feel the scratches they're deep and may take a lot of work or more aggressive products and techniques.

    The last plastic piece I worked on was pretty bad and the ScratchX worked, but took some time.

    It just depends on your piece.


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    Re: plastX Saved the Day

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickW View Post
    I've never seen this product...
    Walmart sells it, with the car waxes & supplies.

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