Short work time with Meguiars Polish
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Thread: Short work time with Meguiars Polish

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    Short work time with Meguiars Polish

    Ran into a problem today I had never run into before. Long time Meguiars user 40+ years. Was polishing paint temp 85 degrees inside the shop. I was getting maybe one to two passes on a 1 ft X 1ft area before the polish would dry out. I started with 105 figured OK try something else, then went to 205, same deal, finally ended up using Mirror Glaze #2 and getting it off with cleaner wax. I would do a 1 ft X 1 ft area, get 2 passes in and in the time it took me to put down the buffer and pick up a microfiber this stuff dried rock hard, it was like there was no oils in the polish. You could not work it so that you could do any cutting. You shoukd be able to get 5 passes on a 2 x 2 area but man this stuff was drying out way too fast. making it very difficult to remove. Is this common? I never remember having this problem before. Is there cure for it?
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    Re: Short work time with Meguiars Polish

    Temperature and/or humidity could be the issue. M105 has a short work time to begin with. If you over work it then it dries like concrete and it's a pain to remove. You could use a spritz of water or QD to extend the working time.

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    Re: Short work time with Meguiars Polish

    Could be the paint as well.

    Some older, neglected, dried out paints can also cause your polish / compound to dry out. Not sure if that was the case here or not...
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