yellowed vinyl / plastic window
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Thread: yellowed vinyl / plastic window

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    yellowed vinyl / plastic window

    Will plastx make yellowed vinyl / plastic convertible window new again?
    Are there any prep steps I should do behore applying plastx?
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    Re: yellowed vinyl / plastic window

    Well, as for the yellowing, maybe. Depends on if it is the surface, or all the way through. Can also try UC for a stronger cleaner...

    As for prep... you may need to apply some pressure, so if you can remove and work on a surface, or try to have something hard behind it, someone holding something, etc.
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    I tried M205 with a foam polishing pad on a Jeeps plastic windows and saw moderate improvment. From what I understand PlasticX is somewhat similar to M205[both being polish] yet much milder. I only did a quik run on the exterior and probably would've continued to see improvment if I had spent more time on it.

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