microfiber cutting pads LIFE
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Thread: microfiber cutting pads LIFE

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    microfiber cutting pads LIFE

    How do you know if you microfiber cutting pads have reached their life span?

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    Re: microfiber cutting pads LIFE

    Hey roger,

    What I've learned over the years is that to get more life from your pads and more use out of it, is that I will use a minimum of 3 pads (on my cleaning/compounding step) also the dirtier or specially if I'm working on hard clear that I will go up to using 4 to 5 cutting pads or polishing pads. Again this has helped me get more life out from my pads and another key to getting more life from pads is to work clean!!

    Meaning to clean your pad with a foam pad brush after every section or as soon as you feel it needs it. Also you can clean your pad on the fly. (Turn your DA down to say speed 3 or 4 and hold a terry towel or micro fiber and hold against pad as you turn on and rub against and on so as to remove any spent product as well as any clear/paint that you removed. Another thing I do is use my universal grit guard to deep clean my pads.

    Last, to answer your question is that I always inspect my pads during and after each cleaning or before use and look for any bare spots or thinning spots on the micro fiber disk material. And naturally only using 2 cutting disk per vehicle your not going to get a long life span as if your using more per car. Hope I've help! And this Micro Fiber DA system is a great system that I really like and the D301 Finishing wax smells fantastic and has a very easy wipe on wipe off effort.
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