M17 Plastic Cleaner & M10 Plastic Polish Review
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Thread: M17 Plastic Cleaner & M10 Plastic Polish Review

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    M17 Plastic Cleaner & M10 Plastic Polish Review

    I picked both of these products up at my local O'Reilly. I have heard good things about this combination.

    Pulled the information on both from this thread.

    Meguiar's Clear Plastic Products

    M1708 Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Cleaner

    Clear Plastic Cleaner removes fine hairline scratches from all types of clear plastic. Unique, non-abrasive formula prepares the surface for Mirror Glaze Clear Plastic Polish. Perfect cleaner for computer screens, convertible windows, helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens, displays and instrument panels.

    M1008 Clear Plastic Polish

    Clear Plastic Polish safely restores optic clarity to all clear plastics. Provides a static-free coating that repels dust. Safe and effective on both acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces. Ideal for boats, RV's, cars, motorcycles and aircraft.

    I tried it on my instrument cluster and it worked really well. We all know how sensitive the plastic is in this area. I wanted something without an abrasive for this area and these were perfect. I don't have photos of it since my cluster is in very good shape with very little to no scratches. The combination worked great for me. Left the plastic looking very clear as it removed some little dirt and grime that was on there.

    I did put it the test on the exterior housing for the license plate light on my brothers 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. It was a perfect opportunity to clean it since the previous LED had gone out and it needed to be replaced. This doesn't see any sunlight so a non abrasive cleaner was a better option. I used the M17 cleaner and instead of using the M10 polish I went ahead and used headlight protectant to give it longer protection. I applied both with a microfiber towel. I ended up using the same combination on my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix as well.

    Here are the photos of the results.


    After. I was impressed with the clarity and the cleaning power of M17.

    A couple other afters.

    These are a good combo to have if one is looking for something that is not abrasive.

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    Awesome results and great review mike! Thanks for always Shari ur results with us. I wish I would of had this on my last car as my dash cluster fogged up after getting some black magic protectant on it. This was before I discovered the light of meguiars and also before I really got hooked. Although I will say I am still somewhat impressed with that wax. It did give great beading however longevity was just not there.
    my #1 is meguiars but am also a fan of wizards.

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