A 2000 Lumen 6000k LED inspection light for $30!
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Thread: A 2000 Lumen 6000k LED inspection light for $30!

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    A 2000 Lumen 6000k LED inspection light for $30!

    Well, almost.

    I had this DeWalt "work light" that I had used maybe twice in the last 5 years. It was part of my cordless combo pack:

    Under $30 and a little bit of time and it became this:

    It was really quite easy. I bought a $15.00 LED spot beam off road light off Amazon:

    and since my DeWalt was the unusual 36v setup, I had to buy a step down DC-DC converter too:

    Note that the converter would not be required for any of the common 18v or even 24v lights.

    After opening up the unit (a T15 security bit is needed), unplug a couple connectors from the DeWalt's switch board to the flexible neck and remove the neck. A 1.25" fender washer almost perfectly fits in the existing case (I had to grind it down on my drill press to 1.125"). When combined with the mounting hardware supplied with the light and a couple extra nuts, it mounts perfectly to the case. You can also see where I slipped in the step down converter:

    Here it is all finished:

    I'll post some pics of it in action on paint corrections soon, but let's just say it throws some serious light! Here's the only shot I have for now:

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    Re: A 2000 Lumen 6000k LED inspection light for $30!

    Very clever!

    6000K lights tend to have a blue-ish color to them. Is that ok for detailing?

    Is it heavy / comfortable to hold?
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    Re: A 2000 Lumen 6000k LED inspection light for $30!

    You still have it? Will my 18V DeWalt charger charge it? Will you pay shipping to Atlanta, Ga.?

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