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    Strip wax

    Is there a product that will strip wax off to start anew rather then using dawn. I hate to use dish soap that recommends no use on automobiles..

    Thanks in advance

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    Clay and a paint cleaner will strip the wax just fine.

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    Yes. Meguiar's calls them paint cleaners, instead of working backwards, they move your efforts forwards. By this I mean, strong detergent soaps dry-out and dull automotive paints and other surface materials that make up the components of modern cars. This is called working backwards.. It is interesting that other car care product manufactures recommend working backwards.

    Meguiar's' paint cleaners clean the surface and perfectly prepare it for application of a pure polish, or a wax. Each step of Meguiar's process moves your results forward towards the goal of a clean, shiny, clear, glossy reflective finish.

    To clean your paint before applying wax, try one of these products,

    Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner
    M09 Swirl Remover 2.0

    All of the above products can be applied by hand, or using an orbital buffer.
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