Beginner trying to repair stone chips
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Thread: Beginner trying to repair stone chips

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    Beginner trying to repair stone chips

    First of all I would like to take this opportunity to say hi to everyone. Great community and people over here.

    I have a couple of stone chips on my truck, and before taking it to the paint shop I have purchased some meguiars gear to try and repair them myself..
    Anyhow, I bought some 2500grit and 2000grit sanding paper. Meguiars D/A power system, M105 polishing compound and Ultimate Polish to finish off.

    First I cleaned the stone chips from wax etc with a degreaser, after what I went down the route of mixing the clearcoat with the base coat. Filled the stone chips and let it dry for a week.
    After what I went ahead and started wet sanding. I got the hood to look quite good, still have a couple of scratches from sanding, but I think I will be able to buff that out with the UL and the D/A power system. I just went over it by hand with a foam pad and M105 finishing off with UL (by hand).

    There were a couple of bad sports which are on corners and I think I went through the clear coat. I have added some pictures, what do you guys think?

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    Re: Beginner trying to repair stone chips

    Wet Sanding scares the **** out of me... I generally use the Langka or Dr color Chip method then I follow up with m205

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