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Looks good to me.

Still not sure whether your average Joe will see the value in paying a bit extra for the paint decontamination or not.

Maybe the basic detail should be (say) $120 without the decontamination and then you can try and upsell it to them?

I suppose you will get a feel for your market once you have started, and then you can adjust your packages accordingly.
Thanks davey! Just have been on the fence about decontamation at that level of package because I agree with you. The average joe isn't going to notice. My aunt was a prime canditate last fall. Her Acadia needed it bad, but it sits out 24/7 and she told me she would rather me spend more time on the inside and just get the outside looking good, so all i did was a cleaner wax on it. It looked good, but it sure good have used a good decontamitaton. But to her, she was super happy. I had the price at $150 without it and was going to see how that pricing went and then offerer the decontamtion as an up charge but then was on the fence so I added it. Guess I will see if anyone else has any thoughts too.

Appreciate it!