Pictures from February 21, 2015 Advanced Class
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Thread: Pictures from February 21, 2015 Advanced Class

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    Pictures from February 21, 2015 Advanced Class

    Our first Advanced Class of the year and it was great learning experience for everyone involved!

    Following classroom instruction we talk about hand sanding techniques...

    ...and DA sanding techniques.

    All that dust is a reason why you should clean your pads before you put them away at the end of a project, as well as during the project.

    Rotary instruction follows.....see, it's not hard to control the rotary buffer!

    Then it was time to cut the guys loose and let them put some of this new found knowledge to use.

    Here's why you do NOT apply a lot of pressure when DA sanding. This finishing disc literally blew apart due to heavy pressure and concentrated usage. Imagine if this had been on an important car!!!

    When everything is said and done....... GLOSS!!!!
    Michael Stoops
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    Remember, this hobby is supposed to be your therapy, not the reason you need therapy.

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    This class was so much fun! I learned so much about hand wet sanding, meguiars compounds & polishes, and the difference between foam cutting pads and wool ones.We got alot of time w/ the DeWalt rotary and the new MT300 D/A from meguiars and I can tell you that thing is a work horse. I'm deffinitly going to need one.
    Thanks mike!

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    Re: Pictures from February 21, 2015 Advanced Class

    Another eager bunch of pupils at the 'School of Stoops' climbing the steps to Detailing Excellence. Great to see!

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