Dear Meguiars

For a few years now I have thought about a pad that would be totally universal so it could do everything from remove defects to the level of say a wool pad or microfibre and finish down extremely well

The closest we have at the moment are the spider pads from flexipads and scholl and the new Rupes UHS pad as they start with a high density and stiff but then lose density and become soft

All foams will soften with heat but these do that to the highest degree at prsent
It could be foam based which to be honest is the first place to start

my thinking is that with a change of technique and polish or even the same one, it could be made to finish out extremely well thus eliminating many pads

With today's polish technology from my source and possibly Meguiars (not used it for years so not sure), any pad material type and different grades of the same material can be paired with a finishing or jewelling polish ie wool, denim and velvet, microfibre etc so the limits are few

Whilst manufacturers may never wish to do this due to not selling a wide variety of pads, anything is possible in my opinion and foam can be designed in so many different ways and many sources

Australian foam from dunlop (which I use at present), Japanese, German or even New Zealand foam

Microfibre is good but may always lack the richer shade of colour of foam pads

Anyhow some food for thought, it may not be achievable due to so many variables or even viable market or financially