Best wax for painted RV
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Thread: Best wax for painted RV

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    Best wax for painted RV

    My RV is half gelcoat surface and half paint. No clear coat, and only a few small decals. The RV also sees highway conditions as opposed to marine ones. Therefore, I'm surmising that I'd be best to use automotive products on the RV. Am I correct? Also, since this RV is 41 feet long, I don't plan to wax it too frequently, so is the top of the line wax the best to use for protection?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Best wax for painted RV

    Yes, that's right.

    You could use a sealant such as UW or NXT for long lasting protection.

    Or you could use a cleaner wax, such as White Wax, Black Wax, ColorX etc if you want to remove minor defects, clean the paint and wax all in one step.

    Then you can use a spray wax such as UQW to maintain it regularly. UQW is very easy to apply (spray on, wipe off) and it is surprisingly durable.
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