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Thread: Review - Citrus Grove Air-Refresher

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    Re: Review - Citrus Grove Air-Refresher

    Quote Originally Posted by evo77 View Post
    The summer breeze smelled great for 2-3 days but drastically smelled LESS after that. And after 3 weeks the smell is very very faint.

    I'll have to give the citrus a try next.
    FYI - these were never intended to leave a long term "masking scent" but rather provide a short term scent while the encapsulating technology is doing it's job and actually removing any offending odor. During early development of these items the initial scent was overpowering, to be honest. We had to tone things down quite a bit!

    Now, one could argue that a cheap scented paper hanging "air freshener" will actually leave its scent longer than these will, but of course those things do absolutely zero to actually remove offending odors and are mere cover ups (and usually only so-so at that).
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    Re: Review - Citrus Grove Air-Refresher

    The smell from the citrus scent one is already gone from my car. BUT as to what Mr. Stoops has mentioned it did its job and the lingering smell that was there, is still gone.

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    Re: Review - Citrus Grove Air-Refresher

    @Michael Stoops. That's a real interesting point you've brought up.^
    I've personally been overthinking about whether or not to use my New Car Scent Odor Eliminator on someone else's vehicle.. I thought about using it inside my parents 7 month old Kia but held back after deciding it still had it's original new car smell going on.. And I've also held back using it on a couple of older cars I've detailed thinking they may not necessarily be interested in their 10yr. old car smelling "new". Especially if it's an overpowering smell of new...

    I don't know when you guys "toned things down a bit" but I do know from the 1 time I used the New Car Scent can in my car that it's lasted a crazy long time. And it smelled quite strong for at least 3-4 weeks.

    I even put some thought into when I bought my 2nd can [which I haven't used yet]. The store I bought it at had 2 on the shelf, 1 box had "New" printed on the label and the other didn't.. I decided to buy the 1 that didn't say new hoping it'd might be the latest batch and maybe a more toned down version like you just mentioned. I don't know if the formula is different based on that label change, but I made my pick with that in mind.

    ...Anyways, I just couldn't help but mention that since your post made absolute perfect sense when I read it

    Just for the record: I'm actually very pleased by the results as I'm the type that enjoys more rather than less when it comes to good scents. [for example I kinda like it when a woman wears more perfume instead of bearly being able to smell it at all. Lol]

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    Re: Review - Citrus Grove Air-Refresher

    I can vouch for these myself. Have been using the 'new car scent' variant in two different cars with favorable results. Recently, I purchased the 'Summer Breeze' type but am a bit hesitant in utilizing it because its fragrance doesn't come off as too appealing (granted this is without actually engaging the canister but still). I may have to purchase this 'Citrus Grove' one and give it a try.

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    Re: Review - Citrus Grove Air-Refresher

    Whats new toned down version looks like.
    Like one on down photo or it is without what is marked in red circle.

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