In the next few months, I will be purchasing a new 6 speed manual Subaru BRZ! What I can not decide on is the color of the vehicle. Over the least few years, I have decided that a white vehicle is easier to take care of for a daily driver. At this time, I am ready for a black vehicle. The new car will be garage kept, driven a few times per week, probably not taken out in the rain and definitely will not touch snow, ice, or salt. A few questions: 1) Should I ask the dealer not to user a rotary buffer on the vehicle as this will create swirl marks? If so, how should they prepare the vehicle for delivery? I am afraid that after the polish on the vehicle finally comes off from washing, I will notice the poor job on the black paint and swirl marks. 2) Outside this article ( , are there any new precautions that I need to be aware of in taking care of a black car? In the past, I have used Murphy's oil soap along with a car wash solution and a microfiber towel for washing. A powerful blower for drying the vehicle and a soft microfiber towel for drying.