Ceiling of Interior Upholstery Scratched
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Thread: Ceiling of Interior Upholstery Scratched

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    Ceiling of Interior Upholstery Scratched

    Hi there I got myself some scratch marks when I was rushing and putting tall items into my car.
    Just wanted to check if something can be done to remove or make it better.
    It was clearly my mistake and from my view looks like nothing could be done except replacing but just wanted to shout it out here to try my luck.

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    Re: Ceiling of Interior Upholstery Scratched

    For the pic it appears the material is "dented" in. To start I might try a medium to stiff brush (start with medium) even a stiff toothbrush and try to "blend" the dent by pulling the "dented" material back out. Due to the nature of the material it may never be 100% but possibly it could be greatly improved.

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