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    Airstream Travel Trailer

    I just purchased a Airstream TT, it came with Trident Protection Coating, which products can I use to wash and wax/polish this trailer. Trident says to use a stronger solution to wash and a milder solution to polish. What suggestions do you have? Im a Meguiars fan and not sure what to use. Airstream recommends Glare products or Walbernize...

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    Re: Airstream Travel Trailer

    I use Meg's Gold Class shampoo to wash everything. It's concentrated & smells good.

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    Re: Airstream Travel Trailer

    I used to sell Airstream trailers and we always used the Walbernize product to clean and polish the trailers for delivery. Walbernize is very easy to use. Several of my customers also had good luck with the consumer cleaner wax from Meguiars. Congrats on the trailer, they are the Rolls Royce of the trailer world.

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