Wheel corrosion prevention
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Thread: Wheel corrosion prevention

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    Wheel corrosion prevention

    Since I have had the 18" alloy wheels replaced twice already under warranty on my 2013 Chrysler 200 S I figured that I should start asking forums that deal in "protection"- Do you have a product that helps prevent alloy wheel corrosion before it starts?

    Here is one of my wheels on the last set that I had replaced under warranty-

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    Re: Wheel corrosion prevention

    That looks like there are voids in the clear coat around where the centre cap attaches which is allowing moisture to get to the aluminum underneath.

    Does this vehicle ever see an automatic car wash by chance? I had a similar issue on one of my previous vehicles and chalked it up to a few trips through the wash as I have never had it on any of my subsequent vehicles.

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    Re: Wheel corrosion prevention

    The most durable protection is going to come from the newer coatings. If you don't want to go that route then a sealant applied routinely.

    Wheels take a beating. It's a little harder to prevent it once it starts as that is the clear coat starting to fail.

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    Re: Wheel corrosion prevention

    Unfortunately I really do not believe there is anything you can do to prevent that. Chrysler seems to have issues with coatings on their rims. I have a 2004 Liberty that did this around the edge of the rim, probably caused by the wheel weights they hammer onto the rim. Also have a 2008 wrangler that is doing exactly what your rim is doing but is also doing it where they hammered on the wheel weights.

    Maybe its where they push the center cap in, or when they balance the wheel from the factory. Either way, like someone mentioned above, moisture is getting under the clear coat someway.
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