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    Ozone machine/generator

    Hey guys. Looking at buying an ozone generator to help aid in odor removal in vehicles. Found this unit on ebay for a good price. Anyone have any time with using this particular unit?

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    Re: Ozone machine/generator

    This thread is old, but anyway -

    I have used a Max Blaster ozone machine on my car many times for odor and mold removal. They sell this tubing so that you can keep the ozone machine in fresh air above the car and then pipe in ozone through a window.

    don't run it more than a few hours at a time or it will start to degrade the plastic (you get a faint plastic smell when you turn on the air blowers in the car).

    expensive but very quality machine for using ozone on a car

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    Re: Ozone machine/generator


    I have 2 machines from here ^. All that you will need for automotive use

    Here is a machine for $49 shipped


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