Perfect weather for a garage day & some Detailing Training! Our Project car was this 2013 Toyota Tacoma which had plenty of swirls for us to remove.

We first wiped down the light dust with our A33 Quik Detailer & our Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel. We evaluated for bonded contaminants by feeling the paint when it is clean and dry. The hood felt very rough & you could even hear the rough feeling contaminants. We used our Smooth Surface Clay Kit and as you can see below was pulling lots of contaminants off.

A little instruction on how to clay

Next we explain why we like to use Dual Action Polisher power tools to polish paint! Clear Coats paint are scratch sensitive especially during the washing step, but trying to remove all swirls & scratches by hand is quite the task. Dual Action Polishers like our MT300 maximize the results of any product being used on the machine, all without inflicting swirls or holograms like a rotary can. More information on the different types of paint polishing tools can be referenced in the following article: Beginners guide to the different types of paint polishing tools

We used our Ultimate Compound on our MT300 applied with a DFC5 5 Inch Foam Cutting Disc.

Next we used Ultimate Polish on a DFP5 5 Inch Foam Polishing Disc

We followed Ultimate Polish with a coat of our Ultimate Liquid Wax & rolled the truck out into the sun! No more swirls or scratches, more depth & gloss, and full synthetic polymer based protection from our Ultimate Liquid Wax. Thanks to everyone for coming!