Pictures from our August 11th, 2016 TNOG
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Thread: Pictures from our August 11th, 2016 TNOG

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    Pictures from our August 11th, 2016 TNOG

    This TNOG's project was this Dodge Ram EcoDiesel Truck. We have to say the owner, USMC Sergeant Henry Ramirez, did an excellent job on the build.

    We first started by wiping down all the dust & using Detailing Clay to remove any bonded contaminants.

    We then started with a test spot, this truck only had light - moderate swirls & scratches, so our first combination was our M205 Ultra Finshing Polish on a yellow foam polishing disc, applied with our MT300. This combination really didn't touch the defects, so we knew we were working on fairly hard paint.

    We moved up to Ultimate Compound applied on a DFC5. This combination removed all the defects and left zero haze.

    Showing the truck owner the before & after

    Since we had a processed dialed, we explained to the group we were using Ultimate Compound, DFC5, 5800 OPM's, and 4 section passes, vertical, horizontal, vertical, horizontal. We then let the regulars start the compound step and spent time with some new to DA Polishing on various panels.

    After inspecting the panels with various lighting, we found that the right rear door had heavy swirls & scratches. Wait a minute here...why would only one door have more defects than the rest of the car? Well, upon evaulation, the door had be re-painted. The heavy swirls were likely left from a wool pad on a rotary the body shop used. Not the best news to hear that a panel on your truck has been re-painted, but it appeared whoever painted it did do a good job, they just left a bunch of swirls behind.

    Chris did a test spot with our UC/DFC5 combination, and it proved to not be quite enough to remove all the defects. We stepped up to our DMC5 DA Microfiber Cutting Disc & D300 DA Microfiber Correction Compound.

    Little different? : )

    Check out the clarity difference by looking at the reflection of the label on the bottle in these before and after compound pictures!



    We then moved straight to applying our Ultimate Liquid Wax. Truck is looking better than new now!

    Thank you to everyone for coming out to help and thank you USMC Sergeant Henry Ramirez for your service to our country!

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    Re: Pictures from our August 11th, 2016 TNOG

    Nice looking truck made a GREAT looking truck with your efforts!

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    Re: Pictures from our August 11th, 2016 TNOG

    Looks like real fun!

    I'd love to make one of those one of these days!

    Good to know that Ram paint is on the hard side. I just bought a 1500 Hemi in April.

    Good to see Mike back at it after returning from Thailand. No rest for him! He loves his job though!

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