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    Re: Meguiar's Marine APC

    Quote Originally Posted by jburris11 View Post
    Thanks for the info! I am having a set of machined aluminum wheels restored and they will be finished with clear powder coat. I will not be using any type of cleaners on these but want to ensure the product that I use to clean my tires won’t stain the wheels while scrubbing the tires. Any input on the Marine APC or M39 for this particular situation?
    I would recommend #39 for your tires. Regarding our #39 staining the clear powder coat, it should not be an issue provided you clean wheels & tires when they are cool to the touch, do not let product dry on wheel surface, and you might also pre-rinse the wheel, so the product will be further diluted, but in general, should not be an issue.
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    Re: Meguiar's Marine APC

    Thanks! I really appreciate the info!

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