Polish-Buffing-Cleaning-Compound-Sanding Index Chart (Rough Estimate)
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Thread: Polish-Buffing-Cleaning-Compound-Sanding Index Chart (Rough Estimate)

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    Polish-Buffing-Cleaning-Compound-Sanding Index Chart (Rough Estimate)

    Had been trying to figure out the DAT and SMAT products to build my garage inventory and it slowly evolved into such a chart.

    I am going to call it a "ROUGH" Polish-Buffing-Cleaning-Compound-Sanding Index Chart than the normal naming being it has been mentioned that each product is different, and made for different purposes with different formulations.

    That and it is a cross between Consumer-Pro lines which is not helpful for the general public being an average person has no idea what is what. Also posting inside the Pro thread being they know what to use, and when to use.

    Numbers are an estimate (taking from multiple sources and the chart has changed from 0-10 to a 0-12) and also it can go up or down in levels depending on application method (Hand/DA/Rotary) by I say up to +- 1 to 2 levels, and always follow instructions (ie dont use a method of application that it isn't made for) Pardon the spacing, this was made with Excel than with Text.

    Link to Chart: Polish-Buffing-Cleaning-Compound-Sanding Index Chart

    If there is any errors, mistakes or additions please contact me.

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    Re: Polish-Buffing-Cleaning-Compound-Sanding Index Chart (Rough Estimate)

    That link is exactly what I needed to read! I just posted a few minutes ago about information overload on another thread
    !!! Thanks Red Panda!

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