Black paint turning grey on 2004 car
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Thread: Black paint turning grey on 2004 car

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    Black paint turning grey on 2004 car

    I have recently used the GOLD class carnubea liquid wax to bring up the paint on my 2004 model car. The paint comes up black and shines beautifully after applied.

    The next time it rains or the next time I wash the car the paint goes grey looking and faded again.

    How can I make the wax last longer or am I missing a step? I apply 1 layer of wax then buff it off with a microfiber cloth.

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    Re: Black paint turning grey on 2004 car

    You'll need to do compounding and polishing steps, especially polish, but it sounds like the clear coat is failing, I'm sorry to say. If so, it will get whiter as the clear disintegrates and then dark again as it weathers away to reveal the base color with no protection. However, it's possible you could get a good polish down and hold it off for a while. Gold Class is a polish-wax, so it's loaded with oils, but as it weathers away, there is nothing below that, you see. Grab some Ultimate Polish and do a couple of coats, then re-wax. A $10 test could tell you a lot. Otherwise, pictures would help.
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    Re: Black paint turning grey on 2004 car

    Do you have any photos of the car?

    By the way welcome to MOL.

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    Re: Black paint turning grey on 2004 car

    Do you have any Ultimat Compound, SwirlX, or Ultimate Polish available?

    All of these products contain some level of abrasives that remove the top layer of paint, and along with it dirt, stains, oxidation, swirls and scratches.

    Sounds like you might be encountering some oxidation.

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    Re: Black paint turning grey on 2004 car

    Yeah, a pic of the surface will be best at this point.
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