Shipping and delivering to Cyprus
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Thread: Shipping and delivering to Cyprus

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    Shipping and delivering to Cyprus

    First of all sorry if this is posted on the wrong place.Relocate if necessary.
    I have a huge problem ordering meguiars products.i dont know if this is something that other people have experienced but i am considering switching brand just for this reason. i can not find any retailer or if i find any they are not carrying nothing else than the professional line and even then it is just a few bits and pieces.i have tried ordering the super degreaser, all purpose cleaner unsuccesfully from different vendors in the UK but nothing came through.
    i mean in Cyprus we have all kinds of products and detailers using all kinds of stuff like menzerna ,poorboys ,valetpro,carpro,chemical guys,rupes,gyeon,autofinesse e.t.c and they dont have such a problem and not a single guy is using meguiars products but me and now i think i know why.i have contacted meguiars in Greece and they are also not willing to ship.Everyone is saying that the companies shipping dont allow most of the items to come through but when i order from chemical guys UK they deliver very fast.Should i consider changing brand?Almost all the items i have are meguiars products and i ordered them from Autogeek , and another vendor in UK.I am paying 3x the price with shipping and taxes just to use meguiars but even then it is like impossible to order some items i need.
    It is really frustrating.if anyone could assist me with this it would be really helpful.
    P.S Sorry for my english, it is not my first language.
    Thank you all in advance,

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    Re: Shipping and delivering to Cyprus


    Thank you for reaching out to us. Your English is great.

    Unfortunately your frustration is based on the reality that all Meguiar's products not available in all countries. Although we are certainly a global brand our strategic partners in any given country are responsible for all business in their territory. These partners use their best discretion in deciding what products to offer in their specific market. For instance, the Detailer "D-line" products you referenced are not available in a majority of countries. Even in Canada (our neighbors to the north) our Detailer line is not available.

    Pricing is a separate but related issue. A few years back we posted a reply to this question as it is very common. Here is that answer...

    The Meguiar’s brand was founded on developing and providing surface care products that demonstrably exceed the performance expectations of enthusiasts. As Meguiar’s has expanded globally, questions about differences in prices from one country to another occasionally are raised.

    Cross-border price differences are not unique to the Meguiar
    s brand, or surface care products, but aree xperienced in virtually every product category. From wax to running shoes to fast food hamburgers, wide ranges of pricing for similar products are the global norm. These price differences are a direct consequence of vastly different cost structures. When the costs of transport, import duties, local VAT, labeling for local language and health and safety requirements are all added in, the cost difference can be substantial. And although it is true that international taxes can sometimes be evaded for purchases made online, this is a practice that is not legal and certainly a practice that Meguiar’
    s could never condone.

    In addition to the logistical and governmental costs noted, Meguia
    r’s has also established a local subsidiary or distribution partner for most countries around the world. This local organization provides tremendous value in organizing in-country distribution,conducting detailing seminars, providing customer service and answering technical queries from enthusiasts every day, establishing advertising and communication programs, and many, many other key services in building thebusiness. Each of these local partners has a real passion for the car hobby,and also has a real cost of these services, and yes, they also need to make aprofit. Without their efforts and local investment, Meguiar’
    s products would still be largely unavailable to the majority of global car enthusiasts.

    Rather than comparing pricing from one country to another, we believe a much more relevant and fairer comparison is to make a local price comparison with products of comparable quality and performance. We and our partners strive to price our products competitive, and are committed to provide products that exceed the enthusiasts performance expectations.

    We do sincerely thank you for your passion in bringing your concern to our attention. We also hope that our explanation helps you in understanding some ofthe complexity of the global marketplace and the many factors that go into determining the price of Meguia
    r’s products in your country.

    We hope that helps shed some light on these questions.
    Brian Hann
    Manager - Meguiar's Solutions Hub
    Meguiar's Inc.
    Irvine, California
    (800) 854-8073 *3870

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