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    M66 Quick Detailer

    I've been using this product for quite a while now. It is my "money maker/time saver".

    I typically use it like a "cleaner wax", but this past weekend I did something different.

    It was a car that I had done work on in 2015. It was getting a "lease return package". Since it had been a while since I worked on the car, it had some damage. Thus, I thought I'd approach M66 like it was a Polish.

    I started with four drops on a black finishing pad, spread the product around the work section, and did four moderately slow section passes. I couldn't believe how much the paint was able to be "cleaned up".

    I reloaded the pad with two or three drops, and wiped clean with a microfiber between every section pass. Since he was turning the car in, I didn't bother letting the wax dry before wiping off, and it still had a clear, slick finish.

    Just wanted to mention how great this product is.

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    Re: M66 Quick Detailer


    this sounds great, happy to hear you were able to find another way to utilize M66 Quik Detailer, one of our Pro Mirror Glaze Cleaner/Waxes.

    If you are looking to utilize the cleaning ability of the product even more, we would suggest to use one of our yellow polishing pads, like the new Soft Buff DA Yellow Foam Disc. In fact, we typically recommend using all of our cleaner/waxes with one of our yellow polishing pad or discs, whether by DA or Rotary. There are actually many users, including myself, which have experimented with using certain cleaner/waxes on our new Soft Buff DA Red Foam Cutting Discs, with great success. Typically this approach is completed with a cleaner waxes which has a lot of cleaning ability, like White Wax or D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream.

    - Nick
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