Busy spring night tonight on our Thursday Night Garage session. Tonight was an open format event as usual. We worked on a few different projects, helping attendants test our products & find out what worked for their car.

First was a 2014 Dodge Challenger. The owner had attended our Saturday Detailing 101 Class and was coming back for some help testing which approach he should use for his car. We started off by wiping off the dust with our Quik Detailer, and upon evaluating for above surface contaminants by feeling the paint, it felt rough, so we used our Smooth Surface Clay Kit to remove the contaminants.

Next we evaluated for below surface defects using proper lighting. The heavy metallic in the paint was hiding everything! The car looked like it was in good shape & only had light swirls & scratches. We first used our M205 Ultra Finishing Polish on our DFP5 Soft Buff Yellow Foam Polishing Disc, applied at 4800 OPM's on our MT300 DA Polisher, with moderate pressure & moderate arm speed, 4 section passes in a 2ft square area. This combination usually works great to remove light defects, & further refine the paint. After out test spot, the product did remove the shallow swirl marks, but out of nowhere, Random Isolated Deep Scratches were then apparent. We all guessed that possibly there was a wax, sealant, or coating on the paint from the dealer which was hiding these defects, and the M205 removed whatever was on there. We actually ended up having to use our DA Microfiber Correction Compound to remove the defects to 100 %. We then followed with M205 Ultra Finishing Polish, and last a coat of Ultimate Liquid Wax.

It was quite difficult to capture before pictures with this paint.

Santiago brought in some tailights which needed for work. A little 3000 grit to the rescue, followed by M105 & PlastX.

A vinyl top on a mustang being cleaned up with our M39 Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner.

A little hard to tell, but the right side has been treated with our M39 Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner, and the left has been untreated.

Oxidation & defects on headlights are a big problem, so we end up working on headlights quite a bit. These lights were not too badly oxidized, but they had some severe pitting. Was started with 3000 grit, ended up in a long project, having to work all the way down to 320 grit & back up, with our Professional Headlight & Spot Repair System using pneumatic tools.

The hood on the Challenger is all done! Check out that reflection!

Next project, a newly acquire 2014 Audi Q5, which a fairly deep physical contact scratch.

Mike Stoops used Meguiar's 3 Inch Unigrit 3000 Grit Foam Finishing Disc to attempt to remove.

The scratch was not completely removed, it certainly could have, but many times, it is better to stop before getting more aggressive when it comes to sanding factory paint. The only person who knows the scratch will be there is the owner. Unfortunately we didn't get a after shot of this defect.

The infamous bumper on SUV's always catches a beating. We used our DA Microfiber Correction Compound to remove the swirls, scratches, & water spots.

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Feel free to contact me with any questions.